Meet CTY.

Explore the intricate tokenomics of CTY, Custodiy’s native token, designed to power
the platform’s operations, reward holders, and foster a thriving ecosystem
for decentralized services.

All the contracts created within the Custodiy platform are available online and can be viewed within the chains selected for contract processing. This allows transparency towards not only the token holders but also third-party companies and services.


The Custodiy token is supported by a strong community that aims at the decentralization of centralized services, thanks to the use of nationalized digital currencies such as EURC, which would allow the insertion of Custodiy between services necessary for companies and public bodies.
The holders themselves will have a guarantee on the project based on the liquidity introduced into the project by the DEVs who will be able to realize an organization of the various LPs and given in the same way by the Staking of the same project. The liquidity management is organized and managed in a completely safe way and provides important APYs internally.

The CTY token is designed to be correlated with a unique and irrefutable utility related to the use of the Custodiy platform’s WebApp and the possibility to register Smart Contracts. The possibility of recording contracts and providing audit records in a clear way is fundamental for the verification of the project and the standardization of the contracts themselves.

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