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The main functionality options of the Custodiy WebApp.
The Custodiy WebApp is designed to revolutionize the way users interact with Smart Contracts, providing an accessible and efficient platform for contract registration, management, and auditing. Our intuitive interface and powerful features make it the go-to solution for individuals, businesses, and public bodies looking to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

LP selection with certified APYs or Approvers for contracts.

Multichain functionality for added security and flexibility.

Instant deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies.

Real-time monitoring of transactions and payments on exchanges.

Creating and managing Smart Contracts directly within the Blockchain.

Secure storage of cryptocurrencies as a cold wallet.

Overview of project statistics and resources on the home page.

Let’s get started

How it works.

Transfer tokens to Custodiy wallet

Click on RECEIVE, copy address, open your Metamask wallet and paste the address and transfer

Create a contract

Click on NEW CONTRACT, fill the form, put OTP code from your email, press ADD and just wait for the approver to approve

Transfer tokens back

Open your Metamask Wallet and copy address, click SEND, paste address, write amount and choose coin, put OTP code, press ADD

How to use the Web App.

Watch a video guide how to work with our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Custodiy is a digital asset management platform offering secure and flexible solutions for individuals and institutions worldwide. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of services, including custody, trading, staking, and more, all powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts.
How do I get started with Custodiy?

To begin using Custodiy, simply create an account on our platform, complete the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) process, and deposit your digital assets in our secure custody solution. From there, you can access our full suite of services.

Is my investment safe with Custodiy?

Custodiy takes security very seriously. We have implemented state-of-the-art security measures, including multi-signature wallets, cold storage, and regular audits to ensure that your assets remain safe and secure.

What are the fees associated with Custodiy?

Our fee structure varies depending on the services you use. Please visit our Pricing page for a detailed breakdown of our fees.

Can I stake my digital assets with Custodiy?

Yes, Custodiy offers staking services for selected digital assets. By staking your assets with us, you can earn passive income through network rewards while still maintaining the security of our custody solution.

How does Custodiy ensure the transparency of its services?

We are committed to providing full transparency for our users. Our processed contracts can be verified through BCSS Scan, and we offer real-time transaction and payment authorization tracking on our platform.

Are there any restrictions on who can use Custodiy?

While we strive to provide our services to a global audience, there may be restrictions in place for users in certain jurisdictions due to local regulations. Please review our Terms of Service for more information on eligibility requirements.

Can I trade digital assets on Custodiy?

Yes, our platform offers a seamless trading experience with a wide range of digital assets. We are constantly working to expand our offerings and provide our users with the best possible trading experience.

What is the CTY token and how can I get it?

The CTY token is Custodiy’s native utility token, which is used to access exclusive benefits on our platform, such as reduced fees and premium features. You can acquire CTY tokens by participating in our token sale, trading them on exchanges, or earning them through our staking and referral programs.

Supported Cryptocurrencies.