Custodiy – Do it yourself

A great project has appeared in the Crypto world, or more precisely in that of Stable Coins!

The name of the project is Custodiy and was born from the idea of an Italian team that has been working for many years in the financial field, wants to bring a part of our daily life into the world of blockchain where safety and immediacy are the watchwords.

We are talking about updating payment systems that are outdated and often subject to fraudulent actions.
We are talking about ferrying sales transactions relating to goods and services towards a near future which is that of Stable Coins.

Custodiy is this and much more!

But let’s briefly see the premises and objectives.

Today in transactions relating to the purchase and sale of goods and services, payment often takes place after receipt of the latter by checks or money transfers of various kinds. However, the use of these payment instruments does not guarantee the immediate availability of these sums of money because they are linked to the concept of currency and without considering the fact that they can be scammed.

Well, Custodiy is triggered in this process: thanks to the use of Smart Contracts, it provides for payment, guaranteeing the presence of the agreed amount and the immediate availability of the same. All this guaranteed by the security and traceability of the BlockChain, using the most popular Stablecoins.

In fact, the Custodiy WebApp allows you to write contracts between the parties that will have as an output the passage of a sum of money between a “sender” and one or more “receivers” in the event that the contractual conditions are met.
The “GO” to the transfer of money between the wallets of Custodiy users can be given in two ways:

– Through a third figure, called “Approver”, who verifies that the conditions have been met; this figure is decided by the parties and can be a professional in the sector (e.g. lawyer, notary, etc …)

– On a certain date, upon reaching which the provisions contained in the contract will be implemented.

The Custodiy WebApp will be able to open contracts on multiple chains: ETH, BINANCE, Ripple and others that will be added gradually.
The use of the Stable Coin guarantees the stability of the value held by the contract. Custodiy will use Stable Coins such as USDT, USDC, PAX, BUSD, EURS, some are Chain ETH while others are BNB. The goal is to adopt the Digital EURO and other institutional Stable Coins trying to hedge as many world currencies as possible.

The whole project was developed both to work independently and to be integrated into third party systems such as investment firms, insurance companies and banking systems.

The project is burning a new stage every day, and the Pre Sale will start very soon.
The team was also very careful to listen to the different suggestions collected by the various AMAs made on the different channels.
The project roadmap has been enriched by giving proof of listening and various actions have been implemented to reward those who decide to believe in this ambitious project from the very beginning.
But I don’t want to reveal too much, to find out all the latest news and know the next steps I leave you the links of all the official channels to be constantly updated.

Given the continuous interest and growth that the project is gaining internationally, the team and partners deem it necessary to open a facilitated FAST TRACK SALE sales session that precedes the presale phase.
The sale will take place on and will last for 7 days. Doing so will help the token to have even greater stability in the market once launched and above all to probe the international market in order to subsequently open the PRESALE phase definitively.

(Fast track reference price goes up $ 2.3 min buy $ 100 max buy $ 3500) (Reference price Pre sale 2.8 $ min buy 100 $ max buy 3500 $)
(Launch reference price $ 3)
Start date 18/05
End date. 25/05

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